Our Out of School Hours Care is a program which caters for children attending Norton Summit school offering care for after school and pupil free days. After School and Pupil Free Days are offered at Norton Summit Primary School.
We provide a range of activities: cooking, painting, pasting, drawing, colouring, construction, creative making, group activities, sport activities, free play, quiet activities and books to read, TV/Video, - just to name a few.
We also run the Active After School Program for two nights a week.


The Norton Summit Primary School Out of Hours School Care Program aims to provide quality care for school children from 5 to 13 years.
We believe: 
That the program should meet the needs of our children, parents, staff and community. 
In providing a variety of learning and recreational experiences to complement and extend the children's physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. 
In respecting each person as an individual.
We aim to: 
Provide a happy, safe, clean, comfortable and secure environment. 
Be warm, caring and sensitive to the individual beliefs, backgrounds, personalities and abilities of each child. 
Management Committee
The Management Committee consists of the principal, a parent representative, a Governing Council representative, finance officer and OSHC staff representative. 

Hours of Operation

After School Care operates from 3:20pm to 6:00pm each school day. Pupil Free days will operate from 8: 00am to 6:00pm. 


Children are supervised at all times. Children will be supervised with the highest degree of care possible, while recognising that it is impossible to supervise every child for every moment.

Fees - Current Fee Schedule 

Session fee is $22.00. A late fee applies. The service qualifies for the Child Care Benefit. Further information on fee relief is available from the Director. Payment of fees is weekly, unless otherwise negotiated with the Director. Please let OSHC staff know if difficulties regarding payments should arise. An administration fee will apply if accounts are more than 1 month in arrears.


Care is provided for school age children from Reception to Year 7. An enrolment form must be completed prior to use of the service. Care is available as: 
Regular - care required on a regular full time or part time basis 
Casual- care not required on a regular basis (24 hours notice).
Bookings and Cancellations
Please contact the school of all bookings and cancellations, by 11:00am on the day and where possible 24 hours notice would be appreciated. The Director is constantly aware of staff/ child ratios and to continually offer quality care we need to have knowledge of all bookings and cancellations that happen daily. Failure to notify will incur the Cancellation Fee, except in the case of unexpected illness.


After School Care will supply drinks and afternoon tea, it is recognised that these will be of as high a nutritional value as possible. If there is a specific dietary requirement (eg allergies) please notify the staff. 

Authority for the Collection of Children

No child will be allowed to leave the program without prior permission from the parents. Any adult who collects your child must notify the staff member and sign the attendance sheet. Please notify staff if someone other than the usual person is to collect your child. If circumstances change, staff must be notified verbally or by phone prior to the child's collection.


A drop in numbers could jeopardise the viability of an OSHC site. Refer to broader policies for more details.


We regret that children suffering from contagious infections cannot be cared for. If a child arrives unwell, or becomes unwell during the course of the program, the child will be comforted and cared for until the parents or emergency contact can be notified to collect the child as soon as possible. 


Prescribed and non-prescribed medicines (eg Panadol) will be administered only if requested in writing by the Parent / Caregiver. The medication to be administered must be in the original container bearing the child's name, instructions and description of the medication. Please supply your own medicine measuring instrument.

Behaviour Management Policy 

All children are expected to follow the rules of the program as detailed in the Behaviour Management Policy.
Roles and Responsibilities of Parents / Caregivers
Parents / Caregivers have a responsibility to:
Collect children on time 
Pay fees on time 
Take an active interest in the program
Parents / Caregivers are encouraged to:
Contribute ideas 
Serve on the Management Committee 
Provide advice, information and feedback 
Donations of art / craft materials, scrap paper, toys, games, etc are very much appreciated. 
Any items you feel may be useful can be left at the Norton Summit Campus.


Bill Lewis


08 8390 1771


08 8390 1063

Street Address:

Crescent Drive
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Adelaide Hills


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